Retail Banking

The branch operations module covers following functionality

  • Saving Account

  • Current Account

  • Daily Deposit Account

  • Fixed Deposit Account

  • Recurring Deposit

  • Security Deposits

  • Term loans

  • Demand Draft

  • Leasing

  • Personal Loans

  • Housing Loans

  • Loan Recovery

  • Safe/ Lockers

  • Cashier & Cash Chest

  • Clearing

  • IBC/ OBC

  • General Ledger

  • Overdue, Loan Loss

  • Legal Cases Management

  • Mortgage Loan

Retail Banking
Anywhere Banking

Anywhere Banking

SoftCore facilitates banks to provide Anywhere Banking services to its customers. It is a true browser based core banking system with centralized Application and Database hosting in either In-premise datacenter OR on Cloud.

The anywhere services includes

  • Deposit, Withdrawal Transactions from any branch.

  • Loan repayment from any branch.

  • Inter-branch standing instruction execution for transfer of funds.

  • Cheques deposits and clearing in other branch.

  • Drawing Demand Drafts. Pay-order for other branch account.


The Investments Module in SoftCore provides the solution for various investment types for the bank :

  • Interbank short term deposits

  • Collection of interest on security

  • Investment in security/Treasury Bills

  • Maintenance of Securiry, Treasury Bills Details.

  • Interest Projection Chart, Interest Provisioning for the investments.



Shares Management module helps to manage this very important functionaliry of the Co-operative banking organizations. It comprises-

  • Member Registration and Information, Joint Details, Nominee Details

  • Shares Management and Allotment, Share Surrender - Cancellation, Share Transfer, Member Share Ledger

  • Dividend Management and Calculation, Dividend Paid/Unpaid List

  • Share Reports like Share Balance Register. Share Day Book, Member Register (In Statutory Formats). Share Certi ficate, Voter List, Address Label . Share Returns Register. Share Transfer Register

  • Dividend Reports like Dividend Register, Dividend Warrant

Assets Liabilities Management (ALM)

ALM Solution offers complete visibility on Risks through its analytics on "Interest Rate Sensitivity", "Structural Liquidity Analysis", "Dynamic LiQuidity Analysis".

  • Assets Liabilities Management (ALM) Solutions help bank's senior management team to carefully balance the bank's current and long-term potential earnings with the need to maintain adequate liquidity and appropriate interest rate risk (IRR) exposures.

  • With ALM Solution , management will able get clear view of customer base, product selection, funding distribution, asset mix, and risk profile.

  • ALM facilitates banks assess its earnings, establish loan and deposit strategies and pricing, monitors detailed IRR exposures and evaluates liquidity risk exposures and contingency funding needs.

Assets Liabilities Management
Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Online Internet Banking Solution gives full control to the customer over their account information and transactions. The customers can access their account online whenever and wherever they want. It allows banks to provide the customer with 24X7 secure access to their bank account.

Various Functions available to customers in E-banking includes

  • My Profile

  • Account Summary/ Portfolio and Access log

  • Change User Name/ Password

  • Accounts (Deposit/ Loan)

  • Deposit and Transfer Notification

  • Request for Transfer and Calculators

  • Request for Transfer to other bank account

  • Cheque and Cheque Book Issue Request

  • ListStop Payment Request

  • Loans EMI and Statement


The Management and Decision Makers at the Banks constantly needs information in form of Dashboards. To provide Information on a daily basis and help quick turnaround user friendly customizable Dashboard is provided which comprises -

  • Monthly Income Vs. Expense Dashboard

  • Growth of Deposits Vs Loans for selected period

  • Deposit Type wise Contribution in Total Deposits of the Bank

  • Loan Type wise Contribution in Total Loans & Advances of the Bank

  • Cash Flow Analysis Dashboard

  • Interest Rate wise Graphical Analysis of Loans & Advances

  • Fixed Deposits Maturity Pattern Dashboard.

Fixed Assets/Stationary Management

Fixed Assets & Consumable Inventory/ Stationery Management

SoftCore Fixed Assets solution facilitates banks to automate its fixed assets tracking and reconciliation capabilities of its assets across multiple physical offices/ branches of the bank. The solution automates processes like Depreciation calculation, Asset register, Capitalization of asset renovations, Asset disposals etc.

The Inventory functionality facilitate recording, issue and consumption of stocks of consumables viz: voucher books, account opening forms, passbooks, deposit certificates, Cheque books, marketing stationary and other misc. consumables.

For the consumables having unique nos (like cheques, deposit certificates etc.) are linked with respective processes in retail banking to avoid duplication of same instrument or certificate number.

The Sale, Purchase, Disposals, Depreciation etc. for Assets and Consumables are fully integrated.


SoftCore gives you complete Payroll modules which includes

  • Maintenance of Employee wise salary structure

  • Auto-calculation of salary from employee salary structure and monthly attendance

  • Maintenance of Loans & Advances information

  • Deductions against Loans & advances and ledger maintenance

  • User defined D.A., H.R.A Calculation rules

  • Branch/ Office wise Payroll Processing and Various Payroll MIS and Statutory Compliance reports

  • Create and print reports like salary slip, salary bill, statements, deductions certificate and many more

  • Facility to calculate arrears arising out of increment in Basic, D.A., H.R.A.

Anti Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) reporting solutions facilitate the banks to comply with AML Compliance requirements by the central/federal banks.

AML solutions facilitate the banks to identity and report any unusual banking activity that might be deemed as suspicious. The AML comprises following risk assessment components:

  • False Identity of Client

  • Multiple Accounts of common account holder. Common Introducer.

  • Unusual/ Sudden/ Inconsistent activity in account

  • Unusual/ Non-bonafide transaction expected from declared business.

Law Module

To automate legal activities and to track every case from its initiation to closing law module is provided. It comprises-

  • Suite Masters

  • Action Masters

  • Complete Case tracking

  • Expenses management of specific case

Printing and Import/Export

Printing & Export/ Import Module

SoftCore provides easy printing modules

  • Passbook printing

  • Share Certificate Printing

  • DD, FD, Cheque printing

  • Customized Letters Printing

  • Salary Slip Printing

  • Deduction Certificate Printing

  • Reports Printing


  • ATM/ POS interface as per ISO 8583 Standard

  • Interface with Cheque book printing machine

  • RTGS/ NEFT interface

  • Interface with Pigmy (daily deposit collection) machine

  • CTS (Cheque Truncation System)

  • Interface with Financial Inclusion/ hand held devices

  • Interface with MICR machine

  • Customize Web Services to handle any third party interface

SMS Banking

SMS Module

SoftCore provides both Pull and Push SMS

  • Integrated with SoftCore Software thus no extra data entry is required.

  • Push SMS are sent by bank on all transactions and further can be sent on customized basis

  • Pull SMS is facility to customers to get certain information on demand

  • SMS Scheduler can be configured to send automatically without any manual intervention

  • Broadcast any important SMS to the Customer, the Management or the Employee. e.g.: Bank Holiday, Strike, Natural Calamities etc.

Analysis & Budgeting

Analysis Module is a graphical analysis add-on on the bank's legacy system which provide progress trend for the bank such as-

  • Comparative performance of all branches

  • Consolidated performance of select or all branches

  • Performance over selected period (like span of 6 months or year)

It can provide the comparative analysis of multiple indicators of Assets, Liability, Income, Expense etc. The module provides representation in multiple graphical formats like Line Chart, Bar Chart, and Pie Chart etc. Budgeting module monitors all heads of planned against actual and provides all relevant reports

Analysis and Budgeting
Risk Management

Risk Management and Statutory Compliance

SoftCore solution offer complete "Risk Management and Statutory Compliance" Solution which comprises various reporting modules

  • RBI Fortnight and Month Reports

  • Form I a) Monthly and   b) Details of Form I - (Regarding CRRSLR)

  • Form II - Statement of unsecured Loans & Advances to Directors

  • Daily Liquidity, Reporting Fortnight NDTL. Monetary Aggregates,

  • Form IX - Statement of Assets & Liabilities as on Last Friday

  • CRR and SLR Register

Statement Of Unclaimed Deposit Accounts

Offsite Surveillance System Reports

  • OSS-1- Statement on Assets & Liabilities

  • OSS-2- Statement on Earnings

  • OSS-3- Statement on Asset Quality

  • OSS-4- Statement on NPA, Large Exposure, segment wise Advances & NDTL/NOF Ratio

  • OSS-5- Statement on Segment/ Sector wise Advances

  • OSS-6- Statement on Connected Lending

  • OSS-7- Statement on CRAR

  • OSS-8- Statement on Bank Profile

Statement Of Unclaimed Deposit Accounts
RBI Audit Statements

RBI Audit Statements

SoftCore solution offer complete "Risk Management and Statutory Compliance" Solution which comprises various reporting modules

  • RBI Audit Statement - 1 to 10

  • Assets Liability Management Reports

  • Statement of Structural LiQuidity ,Statement of Interest Rate Sensitivity, Statement of Dynamic Liquidity

  • Anti Money Laundering Reports

  • CTR- Cash Transaction Report

  • STR- Suspicious Transaction Report